That Higher Level

As the end of term approaches, we follow in the footsteps of many classrooms by having a movie day. I this case it is That Higher Level, John Bolton’s feature documentary about the National Youth [...]

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Future Releases 2019

With this weeks lack of releases I thought I could look forward to some of the releases due out early next year. Jan 4, 2019 Shanika Maria - Subtle Uncertainties (Celestial Voodoo) Jan 11, 2019 [...]

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Playlist Friday: OurBasement Remembers

The playlist this week is in honour of Remembrance Day. The playlist began last year and was added to for this year. It is important to honour and remember those that have fought and those [...]

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8 Random Questions with … Letters From Pluto

1)Would you like to introduce yourself? Hello! My name is Letters From Pluto and I'm a pop artist that's obsessed with space and all things sci-fi! Nice to meet you! :) 2)When and why did [...]

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Cuff The Duke – S/T

On August 24th, Cuff The Duke will re-release their seminal self-titled album. The LP will be available via Limited Edition 12” Clear Vinyl. This is the first time the record has been pressed on vinyl. [...]

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Your feedback 2018

Today's post will be a little unusual in that it won't be looking at music directly. I want your feedback on OurBasement. What do we get right or wrong, what would you like to see [...]

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First Anniversary T-shirt poll

Last week, you may remember, we displayed some of our early ideas for T-shirts to mark our first birthday on June 28th. This week we are not only bringing you a preview of the designs [...]

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Just another blog post

It is Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK (and I am too energy efficient to come up with something to post). This traditionally means that many places are closed and the heavens open (as [...]

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