Hey Our Basement,

“Good Plates,” the new single from my upcoming album, Love Valley, out October 9, is about being in that place with that person and having a reason to get out the good dishes.

Everyone knows that – when those ‘get the good plates out’ moments happen in life. This song is drawing on that feeling and also having that person you love – experiencing those moments together.

For me, “Good Plates” is another piece of the picture I am drawing with this record. Candles on the long table on the patio, string lights down the path to the barn, a good meal shared with friends and family. It is a simple reflection of love.

Produced with Josh Rob Gwilliam, we brought in Art Edmaiston on sax and Brett Resnik (Kacey Musgraves) on pedal steel.

I want you to hear this song and feel its warmth. The ‘good plates’ moments can be big ones, but also just evenings spent with those closest to you.

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald