Flemish Eye Records is the tenth in a series of playlists where we are checking out Canadian Independent Record Companies and the artists they represent. We have checked out Arts and Crafts, Constellation Records, Dine Alone Records, Last Gang Records, Mint Records, Paper Bag Records, Six Shooter Records, Secret City Records, and Royal Mountain Records so far. This month we are hearing from Canadian artists with Flemish Eye Records. I have enjoyed checking out the labels and the artists with them. This week is no different and we have more great tunes to hear today.

Flemish Eye is a record label started in 2003 in Calgary. The first release was Infiniheart by Chad VanGaalen, which was picked up in 2005 by indie label Sub Pop. From the success of Infiniheart, the label has earnestly developed a mandate of assisting Calgary-based musicians and artists. Flemish Eye is still actively growing its roster. The label has also developed a working relationship with Bloomington, Indiana based independent label Jagjaguwar.

The name Flemish Eye originates from the type of fishing knot by this name, used when attaching hooks, rings and swivels to wire, but can also be used to rig a loop on heavy mono line. (Source: Wikipedia)

Take a listen below to a playlist of at least one track from each artist on their roster and extra tracks from other albums that those artists released. It is on both Spotify and YouTube. Enjoy!