Sam the Astronaut – Midnight Carlight

Hey Our Basement, “Midnight Carlight” is the lead single off our upcoming sophomore album. The song is about feeling trapped in a relationship and the doubt that comes from that. If it’s harder than [...]

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Rose Brokenshire – In A Spell

Our Basement, I have been experiencing strange feelings during this period of isolation, time seeming to warp as the days turn to night in the blink of an eye. My new song, “In A Spell,” [...]

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New releases for the week ending June 05th 2020

C. Diab - White Whale (Injazero Records) White Whale by C. Diab Camille Delean - Cold House Burning (E - Tron Records) Heavy Hearts - Room With A View Michael Kaeshammer - Boogie On The [...]

Donny Anderson – Lovin’ You

Our Basement, My first single of 2020 has that classic pop vibe, and good nostalgic energy. donnyanderson · Lovin' You - #DonnyAnderson ft #DivineBrown I wrote “Lovin’ You” with Rykka and Arun Chaturvedi at a [...]

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T. Thomason, Ria Mae – Loser Pt. II

Hey Our Basement, "Loser" first appeared on my self-titled record, released this past September. I brought in Ria Mae to add her own touch to the song for the version of it that is a [...]

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Mathew V – Don’t Let Me Go

Hey Our Basement, I wanted to allow myself to go as poppy as my heart desired my new track, “Don’t Let Me Go.” I had always reigned things in, as I thought I couldn’t do [...]

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Playlist Friday: OurBasement Release Radar May/2020

The playlist this week is full of all the new music Canadian artists have been creating. And that is a lot! We have both a Spotify Release Radar playlist and a YouTube new video release [...]

New releases for the week ending May 29th 2020

Beth Anne Cole - Perhaps the Gods Of Love Jade Hairpins - Harmony Avenue (Arts & Crafts) Harmony Avenue by Jade Hairpins Lou Canon - Audomatic Body (Paper Bag) Audomatic Body by Lou Canon Mirabelle [...]

Tom Boy – Long Way Home

Hey Our Basement, "Long Way Home" is a re-work of a song I wrote titled "Sleeping Pill" during a period of depression caused by separation from my family. The guilt affected me, and I [...]

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Zaac Pick – Atmosphere

Hi Our Basement, “Atmosphere” is about loving someone despite the flaws or hardships you face together, and the tension between knowing and mystery in long-term relationships. It’s the opening track on my forthcoming sophomore record, [...]

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