New releases for the week ending September 4th 2020

B.A. Johnston - Split with The Burning Hell Split with The Burning Hell by B.A. Johnston Dan Pitt - Monochrome Monochrome by Dan Pitt Elrichman - Heaven's Mayor (Bobo Integral) Heaven's Mayor by Elrichman Hannah [...]

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Sam Louis – Shiny

Hey Our Basement, "Shiny" is about finding someone who gives you a glossy new layer of confidence and shows you the best version of yourself. Love doesn't always mean broken; sometimes there is light that's [...]

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NIIVA – Trigger

Our Basement, You know the feeling of enjoying being confrontational? My new track, "Trigger," is about when your partner is pushing your buttons in a challenging way and you give into it. Tension doesn't necessarily [...]

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Shuffalo – Whispers

Hi Our Basement, "Whispers" is now available to stream, an earth-quaking and booty-shaking song that will get you up and moving. An ode to the darkness, it's made for dancing and singing along to on [...]

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New releases for the week ending August 28th 2020

Mariah the Scientist - Master (RCA) Haley Blais - Below The Salt (Tiny Kingdom) Aidan Knight - S/T (Next Door) Aidan Knight by Aidan Knight Bob Moses - Desire (Domino) Desire by Bob Moses Colter [...]

Sam the Astronaut – Midnight Carlight

Hey Our Basement, "High for You" is a love song you'll want to dance to, with nods to 2000s electro pop. It's about the highs of entering a new relationship, while trying to decide [...]

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Madison Olds – 3’S a Crowd

Hey Our Basement, My new single, "3'S a Crowd," is about giving into your flirty, sexy, wild side. Close your eyes and picture this baller, badass bitch laying in a bathtub of diamonds sucking [...]

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Jenny Banai – Paper Plain

Hi Our Basement, "Paper Plain" is a poetic stream of consciousness exposing my paper-thin human heart and its desire to express love freely, but in reality, my feelings are faded words stuck inside crumpled ideas. [...]

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New releases for the week ending August 21st 2020

ess,Unleash the A Dylan Phillips - Undercurrents (Crystal Math) Evangeline Gentle - Evangeline Gentle (Sonic Unyon) Fawn Fritzen - How to Say Sorry and Other Lessons (Chronograph) JJ Shiplett - Crossed Fingers No [...]

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Carmanah – Mountain Woman

Hey, Our Basement, In a world where judgment comes easy, our new song, "Mountain Woman," is a dedication to anyone who steps outside of the norm to protect what they love. This song is an [...]

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