New releases for the week ending February 19th 2021

Al Muirhead - Live From Frankie’s & The Yardbird (Chronograph) Alicia Clara - Outsider/Unusual (Hot Tramp) Outsider/Unusual by Alicia Clara Blessed - iii (Flemish Eye) iii by Blessed Jess Moskaluke - The Demos (MDM Recordings [...]

Playlist Friday: Winterruption 2020

The playlist this week is about the 5th annual Winterruption happening in Regina and Saskatoon, January 22- 26, 2020. Winterruption is an effort to give people a great reason to leave their house in the [...]

New releases for the week ending April 5th 2019

Moon King - Voice of Lovers (Arbutus Records) Throughout the album, each track flows easily from one to the next, creating a dance-floor-esque transition between songs. While this is an interesting method of making an [...]