Playlist Friday: DarBar’s Polaris Long List

We are in the middle of Polaris Music Prize season and I am anxiously waiting to hear who makes it on to the Long List. The jurors votes are in and the official long list [...]

New releases for the week ending June 14th 2019

Claudia Bouvette - Cool It EP (Cult Nation) New Swears - Night Mirror (Dine Alone Records) Cat Clyde - Hunters Trance (indie) Cliff Stevens - Nobody But You (indie) Jacques Kuba Séguin - Migration (indie) [...]

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The Wild Raccoon Podcast for June 2019

Wild Raccoon looks at Rock this month in both music and cookies.

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Lily Frost – Cruel World (Nickel & Dime)

Hi Our Basement! Songwriting is the way I process life. It is my outlet, my anchor, and my voice. I’m so thrilled with Retro Moderne, my latest album (14th overall!) that is officially out now. [...]

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NOA – Hypocritical

Hi Our Basement, As an artist and songwriter, I want to give others a voice through my writing. With my new single, I want people to know that they’re not alone and we’re only human. [...]

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Playlist Friday: What’s In a Name?

That is what we are going to explore in this week's playlist. There are many bands with the same words in their name. Royal seems to be a popular one with Royal Canoe, The Royal [...]

New releases for the week ending June 7th 2019

Velvet Code - Dreamer (indie) My Father’s Son - The Greatest Thaw (indie) Badge Époque Ensemble - Badge Époque Ensemble (Telephone Explosion) Ensign Broderick - Bloodmyth (Six Shooter) Ghost Caravan – In The Hours Between [...]

Opeongo – Hopeless

Hi Our Basement, However devastating and tragic things may seem within this life, no component of it or of yourself is truly hopeless. My new song, “Hopeless,” is more a documentation of a feeling than [...]

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8 Random Questions with … KNIFEY

Q1, Would you like to introduce yourself? WE ARE KNIFEY! We’re a rock band from Toronto and we’re pleased to meet you. Q2, What are your phobias? Spiders. On a side note, how come [...]

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Altered By Mom – Hear That Sound

Hey Our Basement, This song always felt like it had a life of its own, and we’ve been holding it back for too long! “Hear That Sound” is about making someone else cry. It’s such [...]

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